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Plascon Wall and All

All you need to know about Plascon Wall & All

If you’re looking for a paint that’s dirt resistant, Plascon Wall & All is the number one paint to use. This paint is a water based PVA containing Teflon to make it an exceptionally tough and very washable exterior wall coating that has excellent resistance to water. This exterior paint leaves a beautiful suede finish that is Ultra Violet resistant and provides a long-term protection from the harmful effects of sunlight. Plascon Wall & All does not need an undercoat for most surfaces.

Plascon Wall & All has an attractive silky finish and can be applied direct to both new and previously painted wood, concrete, plaster and most building boards. It does need a suitable primer when applied to mild and galvanised steel and to gypsum plaster. Plascon Wall & All Has exceptional external durability and the Teflon additive makes it extremely washable and resistant to the retention of dirt. The paint is impermeable and does not stain. It resists alkali, mould and water. If you’re looking for a paint that is easy to wash with a garden hose, this is the one to choose. Plascon Wall & All can be applied with brush, roller or spray. When applying to porous surfaces thin out 10 parts to one part water to help penetration. For conventional spraying thin out with the minimum of water. Use two or three coats on a new surface.The paint comes in white and standard colours as per the colour card, and numerous tints are available. It comes in 1 litre and 5 litre packs – white is also available in 25 litre packs. Count on 9m² for each litre.



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