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Prominent Paints

Kings Paint outlets stock the versatile Prominent Paints brand. From concrete ceilings to untreated wooden floors can all be painted with one of the coatings in the Prominent Paints range.

Some of the frequently asked questions about Prominent Paints are answered below. The well trained Kings Paint outlet consultants will be able to provide you with more assistance in store.

What is the difference between the matt and sheen coatings?

The Promocote or the Ecomatt coats provide a matt non-shining finish and are useful for covering hairlines and small imperfections. The sheen coats provide a gloss finish and are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and areas which are exposed to heavy traffic because of being so washable.

Which coatings are suitable for concrete ceilings?

You can use one of Acrylic PVA coatings such as Promodek, PPC747 or Promocote.

Which coatings are suitable to cover trowel marks on walls?

It is best to apply Promotex Coarse (an acrylic PVA) or the Promocrete over pre-treated areas.

What is recommended for window and door frames?

Application of Promorust is recommended on rust spots. Before you paint the steel surfaces apply one of Acrylic or Polyurethane sealers around the window frames and allow three hours for drying where after two coatings of one of the following can be applied:

  • Ecosheen
  • Promogloss
  • Eco or Promoglo.

Should you need answers to questions regarding Prominent Paints, don’t hesitate. Contact us via email or visit your nearest Kings Paint Outlet where one of the consultants will be able to provide information regarding pre-treatment of surfaces to obtain the best end results.

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