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Exterior Paint Tips

The exterior paint work of a house should not be neglected. A new coat will raise the value of the house, improve its desirability, as well as safeguard it against weather elements.

When it comes to exterior paint, several factors need to be considered such as colour, quality, durability, covering and hiding abilities, appeal, and cost to name but a few. The King’s Paint and Hardware retail outlets across South Africa are operated by managers and owners with a thorough knowledge of DYI products who will be able to assist you in selecting the correct colour, type and quality for your requirements. You can also call the toll free number listed on the website for assistance and to find the nearest outlet.

The King’s Paint and Hardware retail group is committed to client satisfaction and endeavour to inform, guide, and assist people when it comes to the preparation of the surface, techniques to use and coating selection. Some of the tips are shared with you to help you improve your home when repainting.

Selecting the colour

The King’s Paint outlets only stock high quality products from reputable manufacturers such as Dulux, Plascon and Prominent Paints. In addition to this, the house brand Meridian, which incorporates the best features of the brands, is also available to customers. More than a thousand colours are available in the Meridian range. Selecting the right colour from such a wide variety is made easy through the colour wheel system, the catalogue cards that you can use and assistance provided by the competent and friendly staff.

It is important to consider the area you live in as you would not want a colour that doesn’t fit in with your neighbourhood.

You also need to look at factors such as reselling value. Although a deep purple may be attractive, if you plan to sell your house in the near future, you may need to consider the potential buyer’s taste. It is unlikely that many people will find the colour on the outer walls attractive. If however, you only use deep purple on the pillars it may be a good choice.

Another factor is that of durability and ability to hide dirt and marks. Sand, beige and darker autumn colours may just be the perfect choice.

Fashion and trends also play a role when you look for the perfect exterior paint. The manufacturers mentioned, as well as King’s Paint keep up to date with client needs and changing trends. It is for this reason that new coatings are constantly developed as well as colour ranges. The friendly King’s Paint staff will be able to guide you in terms of current trends.

Consider the roof colour, doors, window frames as well as architecture when you select a colour. You need a colour that will go well with all of these features unless you plan to repaint the roof, gutters, palisade or garden wall, doors etc. as well.

Other factors

When you select the exterior paint you also need to consider the weather elements. Select a paint that will work well in shade as well as in extreme sun exposed areas. If the walls show signs of cracks, you need an exterior paint that will easily cover those cracks. Shaded walls are more prone to show signs of mold growth. The coating should be mold and fungi resistant. For sun exposed areas you will need a coat that is crack and fade resistant.

You also need a good bonding and waterproofing coat or primer if the surface has not been painted before. If you have a wall where water constantly runs down or where there is damp, you need a coating that is waterproof.

This and many more aspects of selecting an exterior paint can make the choice extremely difficult. Rather than spending thousands of rands on repainting your home just to find that you did not prepare the surface correctly, selected the wrong primer, colour or type of exterior paint, call the toll free number or contact your nearest King’s Paint and Hardware retail outlet for assistance every step of the way.

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